Friday, March 22, 2013

Panda and the Sea

Good Afternoon Everybody! Origionally I wasn't going to post but I woke up feeling better and decided that I was bored so I wanted to try a few items that I have bought and never used before.

The first one is a butter mold. This butter as you can tell is in the shape of a shell. This was made from  a shell shaped silicone mold that cost me only 59 cents and allowed me to make 4 shell shaped pieces of butter. All you have to do is let the butter sit at room temperature till soft enough to work with then just evenly spread on top of the mold and refrigerate till you are ready to use it.

The second item I bought was a panda onigiri press and nori cutter. Isn't it cute. This item that I purchased for $14.00 was way too adorable to pass up. If I didn't like rice so much I probably would have bought it anyway... besides every girl needs at least one cute thing in their kitchen. Anyway this press was really easy to use but a tad bit hard to explain when you forget to take a picture of the actual product. Yeah sorry about that but you live and learn, next time I make Mr. Panda here I promise he will be given the explanation he deserves.

Anyway here is my lunch for today! It seems like only a small amount of food but it was actually a lot and hard to finish, plus only 3 hours prior to that I had a steak and egg sandwich for breakfast so I wasn't too hungry.

5 Carrots with a brown sugar soy glaze topped with 1 shell shaped butter.
2 small slices of squash cut into thirds steamed and glazed with the brown sugar soy glaze as well.
2 lotus root slices steamed and lightly coated in gluten free soy sauce.
1/4 lb BBQ (my own GF sauce) ground pork.
3 ginger shrimp
1 panda onigiri.

What I really liked about this lunch was that it was really easy to make and only required 1 small pan and one small pot to cook the rice so it wasn't too messy to make. I started off by preparing the rice before I ground the meat in the pan. Once the meat was done I steamed my vegetables until tender, then I drizzled them with soy sauce and removed the lotus root. Once that was removed I proceeded to make my glaze and dress the rice. Once everything was enough to handle I assembled the components into the cute plate you see before you.

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