Sunday, March 31, 2013

Today's Officially Easter + another Snack

 Good Morning! And Happy Easter!! I know I've been saying this for the last three day's but at least I am enjoying the holiday's. Today my mom is flying in to see me and I am super excited, I miss her so much. Since I wasn't able to sleep I had time to throw together another snack for my morning appointments, then I plan on spending Easter with my grandparents so no lunch is needed for today. I must say I am growing fond on these boxes, yesterday I stopped by world market and got two more for 50 cents before I went to Marshals and grabbed yet again another two for 60 cents. The one pictured here with the bunny cutout was one of my items from Marshals, I also grabbed another pack of stickers while they were suppose to be on sale for (1.49) but some how I ended up paying full price of 2.49 for them... I really wish the employees in all stores would label prices properly yesterday I was suppose to buy a toothbrush for my mom for 1.79 but found out when I got home that they charged me nearly $4.00 for it at the grocery store. I guess it was just one of those days, but you don't want to drive back for the extra dollar or cents especially with gas prices these days.

Anyway my snack for today consist of an onigiri shaped like an egg (that ugly green thing in the green egg), it didn't come out like I wanted but I just couldn't get the seaweed to go on smoothly... more practice is defiantly required. To the right of that you will find a small handful of Skittles (orange egg) I was very happy to discover that these are gluten free and I was given a fun sized one as a treat yesterday that I wanted to save for an egg stuffer. Beside that you will find three little strawberries that I placed inside both purple and one pink egg. above that you will find two sandwich cut outs in the shape of a flower with a bunny pick to hold it together, these were placed in the other pink egg. Above that you will find a shiny pink box with a bunny cutout window that I got at Marshals for 60 cents. To the left you will find a whole egg sandwich (my sandwich was too small yesterday that I was starving by lunch)  that was cut into 8 triangles and decorated with more stickers, this obviously wont go inside an egg. The stickers easily come off so I plan on using them in my scrapbook. Finally hiding behind the sandwich I have a 4 oz Juicy Juice (fruit punch) that fit graciously in the box. Unlike by apple juice yesterday this box is rectangular in shape so I had no awkward extra space that you just couldn't fill. I believe I could also get away with a 6 oz juice box, perhaps next time when I go to the store I should get one and try it out *fingers crossed*.

This time I could not get all the snacks to fit in my snack box so I ended up eating the ugly onigiri and the two flower shaped sandwiches on the spot as well as some extra strawberries that I washed (not pictured). Most people snack when they put a lunch together so I have no guilt doing so myself. Anyway that's my snack I hope you enjoyed it. Happy Easter!

For those of you wondering yesterday I tested out the Udi's flax seed gluten free bread and it held up at room temperature very well. The sandwich was of course dry because it only contained cheese so after my first little triangle I ended up eating the cheese slices by itself and smothering the bread with some Jelly that I brought with me. I like this bread because of it's nuttiness taste to it, however I think I prefer this variety toasted alot better then I do cold or at room temperature. I've had the Udi's white bread last week when the store ran out of the flax seed kind and it was less dry then the flax seed variety so it makes a better cold or room temperature sandwich in my opinion then when its toasted (it just lacked the nuttiness that I love with toasted bread.

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