Saturday, March 30, 2013

Snack's in an Easter Chinese Takeout Box

Good Morning everybody, today I will be stuck outside for a few hours which will require a snack and not an actual lunch so today I wanted to share with you the snack I decided to pack my self. I found the Easter themed Chinese takeout box at Marshals where I got my stickers and was really excited to use it. Originally I had planned on using it for a lunch but thought it would make a great snack carrier instead. I find the box so handy and a great size for an adult snack and its cost effective too less then $1.00 a box, however if you shop around I have seen them as little as 30 cents per box for the plain ones online but I didn't mind the extra cents this one costed me.

 For my snack today I chose just 1/2 a simple cheese sandwich on Udi's Flax Seed Gluten Free bread. Normally I would never make myself such a plain sandwich but I wanted to test how the breads taste and texture would hold up at room temperature without other items such as tomatoes  peanut butter, or Jelly effecting it the outcome. To make the sandwich even more snack like I cut them into three triangles and added an egg pick to it. To the right of that you will find some yogurt that i put in a shot glass and covered with a mini cupcake liner and rubber band. Since the liner is paper I need to make sure it stays upright so it won't leak, but I did turn it upside down and experienced no leakage so I should be ok. If we continue in a clockwise motion you will find the take out box, this is made of plastic so I should be able to reuse it but its held together by that wire so I have to be careful how I stuff it later. Next we have a four ounce apple juice, I think a small juice box would fit better but this was all I had besides the ensure and water bottle that was way to big to even shut it by its self. Finally we have my two egg stuffers that I placed in a mini cupcake liner. The first was a simple trail mix that I bought which contains peanuts, cranberries, and cashews. The second egg stuffer was my sweet treat of blue and pink melting chocolate pieces. They aren't in any fancy shape but they fit in the egg nicely so I don't mind them one bit, besides they make for a quick packing experience.

 In this picture can see that the snack fit in the box really well except for the slight bulge on the bottom right that was caused by the yogurt and apple juice, once you close the box it will even out. I was even able to include a napkin in the extra space so a whole sandwich instead of a half would have fit nicely. What I like about this snack is that you have a really balanced portion size as well as a variety of textures to fit your pallet preference. Considering my schedule for this week I think I will make more carryout snacks to bring with me instead of whole lunches.

Well here is what the box looks like closed up. I added two extra egg stickers to the top just to make sure it doesn't come undone. I hope you enjoyed this post, Happy Easter!!!

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