Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yum, I love Brunch

Good Morning! So I guess I should start about why I am writing this blog, so here are my top 5 reasons I am decided to do so.
1. I love Food especially food that I can take to go.
2. My family always want's to see what it is that I am eating and I don't really wan't to crowed their e-mails with the constant images of food. Here they can look at the pictures then can express their opinions about them later when we talk on the phone.
3. I have to go Gluten Free for a while but hopefully not for the rest of my life :( For me this is not a fad but feels like a punishment, when people take the food I love away I turn into the Grinch and find ways to sneak it when nobody is looking. Unfortunately if I cheat on this one then it could have major repercussions.
4. I love to play with my food and put my own twist on things, I am in culinary school so experimenting with new flavors is a must.
5. Well, I always wanted to have a food related blog but I am a tad bit lazy so I doubt I will keep it going but you never know, besides the only people who will probably read this is me and maybe a sibling or two.

So now that that is out of the way lets move on to what I packed for my lunch today :)
Thanks  dad for pointing this out but I took this photo at 430 in the morning on my phone. My camera is unfortunately still packed away so the lighting is very bad my apologies. It wasn't white at all I guess the light just bleached the color out of my egg.
Inside the left box I have:
3 Crab and Rice stuffed Inarizushi
1 Spinach Omelet cut into 3 pieces.
1 Parsley, garlic, onion, and lemon stuffed chicken thigh that I de-boned myself (Thank you Meat cutting) and cut into 4 pieces.

Inside the right box I have:
Corn, tomato, and Orange Bell pepper salsa.
2 Ebi Rolls, with this I quickly marinated the shrimp in the same liquid that the inarizushi was in. This is not traditional but since I don't have a little piggy or fish to put my gluten free soy sauce in I decided it was better to give it as much flavor as I possibly could before I assembled it.
Last but not least the apples, I think my teachers would cringe at the bad knife cuts on these apples but since it was just for me I didn't really want to make perfect macedoine, instead I went for a rustic look.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and have a great day.

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