Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Almond Cracker Snack

Good morning everyone I hope you had a wonderful Aprils Fools Day. Today and Yesterday I have been feeling very sore and Flu like (minus the coughing, sneezing, and the many constant races to the bathroom for nausea) symptoms so I haven't been up to being very creative, but I have made some pretty snacks out of fruit, however those were taken on my phone and was dumb enough not to take the proper charger (mine hooks up to the computer), instead I grabbed the one for my camera :( so it will be another 4 days until I can show you how cute they are but my carving skills still need a lot of work. Anyway like I said earlier I have been dizzy and sore for the last 3 days so I just purchased my snack for yesterday and today's I forgot to take more pictures; but anyway here is my snack for today.

In the picture above you will see that once again  chose the Chinese take out box but this time its just simple and pink with no added embellishments or design. Inside I packed 2 Babybel Cheese wedges with a small flower cut into the wax. To go with those cheese wedges I have included some Blue Diamond Almond Rice Crackers, one is original and the other is cheddar. I personally have never tried them before but they were on sale and had good reviews so I thought why not? For my sweeter side of the snack I also have 3 GF ginger snaps which by the way I did not like when I ate it yesterday, the texture was once again chalky and it tasted more like a coffee (I hate coffee it makes me gag from all the bitterness)  then the normal ginger cookies... I guess I will have to find a new brand. Regardless I refuse to waste $6.00 worth of cookies (yes GF products are SUPER expensive) so I will have to suck it up and just finish it off, at least the bag was never big in the first place.
Finally we have a strawberry and some blueberries for a healthy kick. Once I packed these inside the little pink box I noticed that I still had alot of room left so I added more fruit, 4 oz of yogurt in a reusable container (otherwise it wouldn't fit) and some honey to go with the cheese. Any way that's my snack for this morning, tomorrow I will let you know what I think of those crackers, and next week I should be back home and creating more inspiring and creative meals that I can hopefully pack in my not so little green and orange bento lunch boxes.

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