Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sure it looks pretty, but I still despise GF Pasta!

Good Afternoon everybody! Things have been and will continue to slow down for me this week but it will probably pick back up again next week, so while I have this time off I won't be really packing much food so instead I will probably talk about more gluten free items I am discovering, out of respect for individual products as well as my personal taste I don't like to really bash products that I find plain awful, but still think its important to express my struggles with adapting to a new lifestyle that is hopefully not permanent. So let me introduce to you what I ate the other day! It is a lobster and shrimp with a Lemon and Garlic Cream Sauce. I have made this dish about 100 times before I even went gluten free... just minus the lobster, it was on sale so who could refuse? ... but anyway I love this pasta dish but I absolutely HATE! Gluten Free pasta, I must have tried two types in the last month and about four others prior to that each one I found a major problem with them; either the taste was awful or the texture was way to unappealing to even bother. I hate to waste money but I don't even think I wan't to make any more noodle dishes with the ones that I have lying around. What else I noticed was the bigger the pasta the bigger my problem with them are. On my previous post I did mention that I tried Annie's Gluten Free Macaroni as well as Quinoa Macaroni Noodles and I seemed to tolerate those better then I did any other noodles, maybe the lack of size helps me forget the odd unappealing texture that makes you wan't to throw away all your hard work and grab the nearest gluten intoxicated product you can find, but they do give me some hope. As for Spaghetti and Linguine will be out of circulation until I buy my own pasta machine and give making good old fashion noodle making a shot, after all pasta isn't hard to make its just 2 egg yolks, 1 cup flour, and 1 tablespoon each of oil and water (you can add more if you find it a tad on the dry side).

What makes my meal really disappointing was that I even took the time to make my own seafood stock which takes a lot of time even if I only made a small amount. In case you are wondering what I put in the sock its just shrimp and lobster shells, garlic, black pepper, onion, bay leaf, parsley, and basil. Normally with a stock you would add onion, celery, and thyme but I did not have those so I just used what I had and the stock had an amazing color and flavor. For the actual sauce all I did was sweat the garlic and onion, add the roux (equal parts flour and fat in this case butter), deg laze with the stock, add milk, reduce, season, and finish off with lemon juice, more butter, Parmesan cheese, and basil. When the sauce was finished I divided the sauce into two pots (one for my gluten free pasta and one for my moms regular pasta) added the already cooked seafood, and tossed the pasta so that the seafood and pasta noodles had a chance to absorb the sauce. To finish I just tore my basil into large pieces (I like large bites of basil) and added more Parmesan before serving. My mom loved it, in fact this is one of her favorite pastas that I make and always request it  when she is visiting me! For me on the other hand did not, the flavor of the corn pasta was so unappealing and it over powered the delicate flavor of the lobster and sauce. I hated it so much I did not finish it, instead I just picked the seafood out...if had,'t tossed the sauce in with the noodles I would have just eaten it with rice... O well the meal for me is disappointing but it just means I am human and still need to find what gluten free product work for me and what doesn't. My frustration doesn't mean I should throw in the towel just yet, I am only 4 weeks into this gluten diet so I still have 2 more weeks until I reach the recommended 8 week trial and although I have seen little or no change it may still be too early to notice, and I still have a freezer full of products to try. Best Wishes on everyone's culinary adventures sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad; I will be sure to keep you all up to date on what I like. Have an Amazing day!!

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