Thursday, April 4, 2013

Time to Play Catch up.

 Good Evening! Sorry for the long post but things have been so busy for me lately that I haven't really had time to take pictures or pack things but today is my last day of scheduled craziness unless they decide to spring things on me for the weekend, in which case I would be ready, but I rather just relax and go home on Monday. Anyway catch up begins now with the Blue Diamond Almond Rice Crackers Original and Cheddar version. Taste wise they both are pretty decent and nutty, the cheddar version did actually  taste like cheese which I love and prefer over the original version at first I wanted to be able to top the crackers with various items like the Babybel cheese and honey from Tuesdays snacks, but I just ended up munching them separate  Texture wise I felt they were a cross between a chip and a cracker it has that crispness for sure that Americans look for in good chips and crackers but to me it didn't satisfy the soft crispness I look for in a cracker but it was to thick feeling to be like the chips I love. Instead I do plan on buying these crackers to eat as a separate snack item on their own because the positive flavors do come through a lot that will match various dips and I think it would easily scoop without breaking... NOTE TO SELF: try these crackers with a homemade Humus, great product but I think I will look for another cracker to top things with.

Wednesdays  Snack in a Chinese takeout box, contained some white cheddar popcorn, flan, and a 1/2 a popcorn for some reason I completely forgot to take a picture of it but I did take some pictures of the fruit snacks I also consumed that day as well as the night before. The first one I made was a simple strawberry fruit kabob nothing special but it adds a touch of love to it without much work which is a really great way to show case any fruit. As you can see I added a little Cinnamon because it goes great with a wide variety of fruit and its good for you. The only thing I would like to go with it would be some whipped cream but I didn't have any :(.
The second Snack I have is an apple flower cup that was filled with more blueberries. I love my fruit but my carving skills are subpar it seems but it was my first time working with it and I used a thick pairing knife instead of any proper fruit carving tools but it was nutritious and tasty which is all that matters.

Thursdays Snack contained a bagel pizza, 2 breakfast sausage, and a fruit salad (blueberries, banana, and strawberries. This pretty much filled my pink takeout box and wasn't really enough to sustain my appetite even with the babybell cheese (not shown) and cheddar crackers I added to my bag as well. I don't know if I was just overly hungry today but I just wanted a little something extra. Keep in mind that I have breakfast around 4 and snack at around 8 so this needs to keep me full till 12 or two in the afternoon, but my mother came to my rescue when she visited me around 10 and brought me delicious Chicken Adobo and rice for an early snack. Shes so sweet and adorable I just love her.

Normally I tell you I will try a new gluten free product then a post later I will let you know what I think but since I forgot to post my snack yesterday but since I already have my opinion on the product you get to know today. This is Udi's Gluten Free Bagel, it is pretty decent and something I could make as part of my bi weekly shopping list. I believe it cost just under $4.00 for 4 which is pretty well balanced with its gluten counterparts. Taste and texture wise it feels almost as if I were eating a wheat bagel, making it easier to adjust to the switch easier then other products. The bagel itself toasted really well and I became amazed with the crispness the outside produced while still having that nice softness in the inside. In this picture I did over sauce my bagel but it held its ground with out getting soggy even when I had it in my bag for a few hours. This is by far one of my favorite Gluten free products I have discovered, normally I consume bagels at least once a week when I am running to class late in the morning and it feels good to know that I will still be able to continue in the tradition of darting to class with books in one hand and a beagle in the other.

When I left I realized yesterday morning I realized I forgot to show you how it looks packed in its little pink box. So I propped it on a chair and clicked away, why I didn't just set it on a table is a question I asked myself as well believe me. Anyway have a good night.

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